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Increasing Cool Season Pasture Production in the Spring Utilizing Plant Growth Hormones Source:  Edward Ballard, University of IL Extension Animal Systems Educator - Retired, Gary Letterly, Extension Educator, Energy and Environmental Stewardship

Cover Crops for Grazing Source:  Dean Oswald, Regional Cover Crop Specialist, IL Council On Best Management Practices 

How Do I Select A Cover Crop For My Farm?  Source:  Dean Oswald, Regional Cover Crop Specialist, IL Council On Best Management Practices

Reducing Livestock Production Costs by Grazing Annuals and Cover Crops  Source:  Dean Oswald, Regional Cover Crop Specialist, IL Council on Best Management Practices 

Forage Based Dairy Nutrition, David Jones, Ph.D., P.A.S., Agri-King Nutrition

Using Drought-Damaged Corn as Livestock Feed  Source:  Robert Bellm, University of IL Extension Educator, Crop Systems

Control Biennial Thistles in Pastures & Roadsides    Source: Robert Bellm, University of Illinois Extension Educator, Crop Systems

Alfalfa Harvest  Source: Jim Morrison, University of Illinois Extension Educator, Crop Systems

Good Weed Weather Provokes Herbicide Reminders  Source: Aaron Hager, Extension Specialist, Weed Science/IPM

Additional Technical Information Available at:  University of Illinois LiveStock Trail and PastureNet