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The mission of the Illinois Forage and Grassland Council is to provide the framework that unites industry, producers, educational and government institutions for the production, marketing and wise use of forages and grasslands.

IFGC Publishes a quarterly newsletter, Forage Feed.  To receive a complimentary copy of Forage Feed, simply become a member of IFGC and you'll be added to our mailing list.  To view previous issues of Forage Feed, click the link below. 

Forage Feed

Grazing and PEAQ Sticks Available -

For Information on ordering a Grazing or PEAQ stick please send an email to

The Grazing Stick is a 3 feet long, 4 sided yard stick.  Printed on the sides of the stick are calculations to determine pasture area carrying capacity and available grazing days.  The stick contains charts for grazing efficiency, optimum grazing periods and forage intake rates by livestock species.  Additional information includes estimated pounds of dry matter per acre per inch of growth and the percent of dry matter in a harvested plant at various stages of growth for different species of grass.



 The Alfalfa PEAQ Stick is a 4 feet long stick based on the Predictive Equations of Alfalfa Quality (PEAQ) technique that estimates pre-harvest quality in a field.  The PEAQ method was developed at the University of Wisconsin and has been used in Illinois for many years.  Realtive feed value (RFV) can be estimated based on the alfalfa height and maturity.  The three different maturity stages that will be on the Alfalfa PEAQ Stick are late vegetative, bud, and flower stage.  For more information visit this link to information at the University of Illinois: Illini PEAQ website.